Dr. Fadhil Mustafa Abdullah Al-Shama

Dr. Fadhil Mustafa Abdullah Al-Shama
Consultant physician & Endocrinologist
Head of internal medicine department
Dubai Hospital
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Fadhil Mustafa Abdullah Al Shama, did his undergraduate studies in Iraq and graduated from Mosul College of Medicine in the year 1983 and ranks the first. He worked in Mosul Teaching Hospital, Mosul, Iraq, as SHO, Registrar, Specialist and Consultant in internal medicine and Endocrinology until he left Iraq in 1995. He was offered many awards for ranking the first at medical college graduation, and ranking the first in the country in final examination of his postgraduate study.

He obtained his diploma in Medicine (DM) and the Fellowship of Iraqi Commission of Medical Specialization in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology (FICMS) from Baghdad University, Iraq. He was also a member of the senior teaching staff in the department of medicine of Mosul college of medicine up to 1995 when he went to Yemen and worked as consultant physician for a year until he came to the UAE in 1996 and joined Dubai hospital in the endocrine/medical department.

In the UAE he recognized that obesity, diabetes and bone problems are prevalent and increasing in prevalence and efforts have to be made to tackle these problems and help reduce their impact on the UAE society.
He was a member in the foundation of the emirates diabetes society and served as its secretary for many years. He is also involved in many activities concerning osteoporosis problem in UAE and presented many lectures in many conferences and other scientific activities on bone problems. He is a member of different medical societies, groups and committees.

He was the chairman of mortality and morbidity committee in Dubai hospital for many years and has gained extensive experience in various illnesses prevalent in UAE.

He is currently consultant physician & endocrinologist and the head of internal medicine department of Dubai hospital.
He is also senior lecturer at Dubai medical college for girls, Dubai, UAE. He had many contributions with lectures and papers’ presentations in different national and international conferences and has published different articles in the field of endocrinology, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis and other medical conditions.

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